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HMV Classical Titles employed a slightly different layout in this era.  It's not known when this layout was introduced or even whether this was consistent between countries.  This example is a Greek pressing which most likely mirrors the style that would have been employed by EMI Europe, particularly on German and Dutch pressings.  However for many years, most EMI/HMV Classical titles (even on CD) sold in the UK have been copies pressed in continental Europe, due to the lack of necessity for local marketing variations for classical titles.

            HMV 197?-72

Icon_TapeFormat_B_8X L 72GR Mozart Sinfonia HMV O LF 72GR Mozart Sinfonia HMV O LR

The top of the label resembles the style found on UK cartridges from 1970-71 in as much as the copyright text at the bottom, and the colour sleeve reproduction.  However all other details are quite different and unique to the label.

The reverse of the label follows the 1970-71 layout, although this title is shown as being published in 1972.

The UK system of printer's date codes is not followed here - the apparent printer's code, "MT 2157" does not appear to be based on date.  Curiously, the top line states EMI as the label but doesn't mention HMV.  As with UK titles, the release was credited to EMI's holding company, "The Gramophone Co. Ltd."


The catalogue number follows EMI's international numbering convention of the time, with the country prefix shown as "2J" instead of "1E".  However if this title was pressed in the UK, the same number would be used but prefixed with "1E" (1E 345-02326).

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