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Before the standard gold-top look took hold on EMI tapes, this rather more polished design effort adorned the late 1973 compilation showcasing the breadth of talent whose records were distributed by EMI.


The sleeve image shown on the cartridge label (below) is tape/cartridge-shaped, and not square (as would normally be the case, taking a shot of the vinyl sleeve).  This is a rare case of an early 70s EMI tape receiving an inlay design customized especially for the format.


Pure Gold on EMI

On this page we see variations to the usual style for special series and titles.

Super Executive series

Next, a set of classical compilations appeared as 'Super Executive' releases, all entitled "Your kind of...", each with reference to a single composer.


Although these tape versions featured each composer's portrait in a single colour on a black background, the vinyl counterparts repeated the illustrations in a Warhol-style mixture of colours.

Children's Tape Club

Another subdivision of the Executive Series was a selection of tapes for children, such as this example of Beatrix Potter Stories narrated by Vivien Leigh in 1960 with voice characterisations by other renowned actors including David Croft, one half of the writing team behind Dad's Army, Are You Being Served? and others.

Icon_TapeFormat_B_8X L EMK251-8X - O F Pure Gold on EMI 7308 EMK251-8X - O L Pure Gold on EMI 7308 EXES5014-8X - O F Your Kind of Johann Strauss 7505 EXES5014-8X - O L Your Kind of Johann Strauss 7505

The Very Best of...

EMI had, over the course of the early-mid '70s, issued a number of albums under the umbrella title of "The Very Best Of" - of dozens of popular artists.


To top the series off, in 1977 this 'various artists' collection was put together - not in the 'Now Music' vein of contemporary releases, but a mixed bag of recent and not-so-recent, of various different styles.

VBO101-8X - O F Very Best Of Very Best 7705 VBO101-8X - O L Very Best Of Very Best 7705 EXE51-8X - Beatrix Potter Stories No2 O L EXES-8X - O S Your Kind of - Set

Some more titles from this series can be seen here (below left and right).

Double Executive series

In August 1973, to celebrate EMI's introduction of Dolby Noise Reduction (the first major record company to do so), the Executive series was diversified into several sub-strands under a masterplan devised by EMI's then new head of Tape Marketing, Barry Green.


Firstly, a range of Double Play Tapes was introduced, each of which were mainly repackages of two original albums put together (rather than a newly-created budget compilation).


Examples include this Shadows title, which simply comprised their first two studio albums in full.  Oddly, their second album, Out Of The Shadows appears first here, followed by their earlier, self-titled release.

EXE1007-8X2 - O F Shadows As Was EXE1007-8X2 - O L Shadows As Was CAT73 31a Back Cover-Crop to Pure Gold

original advert for Pure Gold from the 1973 EMI Tape Catalogue.

Children's Tape Club leaflet EXE51-8X - Beatrix Potter Stories No2 O F DSC_6919 A