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Up until this time EMI cartridges carried little in the way of branding on the cartridge's top labels.  Even though a clear EMI logo appeared on the cardboard wrappings, it was realised that most people promptly threw these away.  To allow clear branding to be retained, in August 1970 the following style was introduced.  A 'cartridge-shaped frame' (that actually looked more like a tombstone!) contained the words 'EMI 8 TrackStereo Cartridge' against a coloured background that varied between each title.

            August 1970

Icon_TapeFormat_B_8X L Icon_TapeFFWD_Y

    Forward to August 1971

B01 Motown5 L F B01 Motown5 L R

For a while, these cartridges continued to be packed in the previous generic cardboard wrappers.  

However when stocks of those ran out, the cartridges were simply supplied shrinkwrapped as they were.

7008 Roger Whittaker - If O LF 7008 Roger Whittaker - If O LR

The label logos used during this period were the same ones introduced for use on the back of vinyl sleeves in 1968.  With the exception of Tamla Motown, this meant having a 'Mark I' black-box EMI logo above the label logo on the front and, on the reverse, a text credit indicating the label's position as 'A Company of The EMI Group'.

7010 Sammy Davis Jr - Something O LF 7010 Sammy Davis Jr - Something O LR

Cartridge shells came in a variety of colours at this time.  Dusky crimson, bright blue, ivy green and of course the obligatory black.  Which one you got for any given copy of any title was purely down to the luck of the draw, depending on what the factory had managed to get when doing a duplication run.

This design was temporarily replaced a year later (August 1971) with a small top label designed to show through an experimental 'hanging blister pack'.  Tombstone labels reappeared that October.