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Perhaps as some sort of corporate strategy, and maybe due in part to consumer dissatisfaction with the standard of packaging (or lack thereof) of pre-recorded tapes, EMI tried it seems, a short-lived experiment, issuing tapes in hanging blister packs.  

For cartridges this meant re-designing the top label style to fit the clear plastic window in the 'blister'.

            August - October 1971

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    Forward to February 1972

Eventually a re-design with more staying power was launched.  Click the FFWD icon below to read more.

3150 8X-TWO320(71) O F - A Grand Operetta Gala 3150 8X-TWO320(71) O R - A Grand Operetta Gala

The underside labels retained the same style as before, with one minor change - the standard font was now Gill Sans instead of the Univers previously favoured.  The way in which the catalogue numbers, in particular, are shown, mirrors the way they appeared on the front of cassette inlays earlier in the year (just before and after the period that blister packs were issued).

Actual examples of these packs are rare and therefore expensive to come by, and having seen only rather small photographs of their cassette cousins, the image (right) shows how we at Soundhog believe the blister packs for 8-track cartridges looked.

Blister Pack Mock

simulated image