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I have been very heartened by the support for this site that I have received from before its birth to its current young state, and I have been honoured to be trusted with the task of taking at least part of the baton formerly held by Syd Vliet's excellent site,

The Beatles UK Tape Cassettes, which itself is an offshoot to his Unfinished Lennon - You Are The Plastic Ono Band.

Who else?

Many thanks are due to regular contributor to Syd's site, Paul Humbley, who agreed for the Beatles 8-Track Cartridge images he provided to be moved to Soundhog.


Musician Ben Hayes, who it turns out is yet another person into whom the generous spirit of the Soundhog has manifested itself.  You can visit his sites to read more about his music and his own cassette collection.  I have Ben to thank for the charming 1971 magazine advert.


Comments and contributions are welcome from any of our readers.

Do drop me a line on [email protected] if you would like to give any feedback or even better, are able to provide any interesting scans (of tapes, inlays, or related posters) that you think would enhance the experience "on the Hog".


I would also be glad to receive any curious artifacts from or for EMI's legendary

Parlophone label, for Soundhog's parent site, Payphone.


Finally, thanks must go to EMI for inspiring such an inexplicable pique of interest in their records and tapes over the years - from when I was a Nipper right up until the present.



Thanks for listening!


Soundhog wouldn't be where he is today without a little help from his friends.

MBL Die-cut with strap Soundhog

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