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Garrod & Lofthouse extended the idea of displaying tapes' catalogue numbers on the front (originally implemented by EJD in August 1970) by doing the same, but not just showing the UK catalogue number - showing the international one (1E...) aswell.  At this stage the inlay spines continued to show the UK catalogue numbers only.

            October 1971

Icon_TapeFormat_B_TC L

Tracklistings had now been moved to the inside-front-cover (instead of being on the reverse face of the inlay).


The labels on the cassettes themselves remained pure yellow to begin with.


For ex-Beatles releases at this time, no logo was displayed, and instead Apple and EMI received text-only credits next to the catalogue numbers.


    Forward to October 1972

       Garrod & Lofthouse

Conversely, EJD dropped the display of catalogue numbers on inlay fronts, preferring to show them both on the inside-front flip.  As with G&L, the spines contained the UK catalogue number only.  Their printing used a mixture of Univers and Helvetica typefaces instead of G&L's Gill Sans.

In October 1971 Garrod & Lofthouse set about producing standard inlays for titles that, over the preceding three months, had been issued in the rather experimental, but unsuccessful, hanging card packaging.

PAS10004-TC - 1971 White - O F Lennon - Imagine PAS10004-TC - 1971 White - O L1 Lennon - Imagine SHDW4501-TC2(71) - Pink Floyd - Ummagumma O I

       Ernest J. Day

PCS7142-TC - 1971 White - S F Wings - Wild Life PCS7142-TC - 1971 White - O L1 Wings - Wild Life SHDW4501-TC2(71) - Pink Floyd - Ummagumma O L1

Releases from anyone else received the relevant label's logo on the cassette labels and inlay backflips.  Harvest, unusually, received an EMI box logo on the inlay, but not on the labels.

Sometime from late 1971 to early 1972, labels changed from pure yellow to a yellowy-green, which serendipitously could be interpeted as being

"apple colour" to match the label.  However other (non-Apple) EMI tapes from this period also received the same label colour (although the amount of "green-iness" varied from title to title).

7200 L I - SPB1033-TC - Steppenwolf Gold 7217 L I - STML11179-TC - Magnificent 7 2166 L I - SHVL793-TC - Deep Purple - Fireball 7217 L L1 - STML11179-TC - Magnificent 7 7200 L L1 - SPB1033-TC - Steppenwolf Gold 2166 L L1 - SHVL793-TC - Deep Purple - Fireball

Garrod & Lofthouse's inlays from this period paved the way for the design they would settle into the following year with a gold background instead of white.

The 1E number continued to be displayed on the front cover until around May 1972, when it was moved to the spine underneath the UK catalogue number.